The time spent in college is certainly to be treasured. As First Years we step in with bags full of expectations and hopes and as Graduates we step out with bags full of experience and memories. 
Mata Sundri College For Women provides space for students from very diverse cultures and many kinds of personalities. The college campus is always brimming with activity and conversation. Students shuttle back and forth between classrooms, the canteen and activity rooms.
On a regular college day, one can easily spot a group of girls grooving to the energizing beats of bhangra dhol, and somewhere a gang of budding actors practising their latest sketch. Just then one would hear the impressive commands of the head NCC Cadet to the rest of the cadets who respond by marching in unision, their feet symmetrically beating the ground. Inside the canteen, which is always buzzing with activity, one may witness a group of girls dancing and singing, apparently with no reason, while most of the others are gi…
The following story by Vidya Bharti of B. El. Ed III Year won the first prize in “Kaaghaz”, the Bilingual Creative Writing competition organized during the Literary Fest of Keshav Mahavidyala, University of Delhi on 27th March, 2018. The topic was “the broken guitar” and was given on the spot.

The Broken Guitar
After another hectic day I was back sleeping on my cozy bed. It was around 4 am when my phone rang. It was my Junior Assistant. I jumped out of the bed when I heard there had been another mystery case and this time, around the death of a young girl. I rushed to the site and saw her lying on the floor. They had put barricades around her body. A beautiful girl, in her early twenties.
I wondered what it could be. Robbery? Conflict over money? Suicide? Murder? Love? I started examining the body and observed something very strange— there was no sign of wounds, no sign of protest before dying, nothing that seemed unusual except her heart, which was not beating anymore. I wondered what …